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PhotoReading vs. Speed Reading

About the only similarity between speed reading and PhotoReading is the word "reading." Speed reading came from research in the 1940s and was originally popularized by Evelyn Wood. It is basically regular reading hastened up. Instead of going for words you go for phrases, complete lines, or paragraphs. Speed reading, like regular reading, is primarily a conscious mind, left-brain function.

PhotoReading rose from more recent brain research of the 1970s and 1980s, although the idea of PhotoReading was written in books throughout the 20th century. It employs more of the nonconscious, right brain. You learn how to rely not on the words that are on the page, but on what goes on in your head. Instead of moving your eyeballs really fast, you use your brain more efficiently.

Speed reading teachers push you to go faster and faster. But as your speed increases, doubts creep into your mind. You question whether you are getting anything. The process becomes stressful, which explains why 90% of people who learn speed reading quit using the techniques in a few months.

PhotoReading teachers begin by helping you enter a relaxed state of awareness, called the "accelerated learning state." Here you relax your body and mind to become receptive to the information contained in the book.

Then you PhotoRead books as fast as you can turn the pages—25,000 words a minute. But we tell you up front that you will get little comprehension during this stage, because comprehension comes in a later stage called "activation." As a result, you are not worried about comprehension, and the process never becomes stressful.

Additionally, when you then slow down for regular reading, which you will still use now and then, you find yourself automatically going faster than before you learned PhotoReading. You see, it is much easier to improve your base reading rate when you slow down from 25,000 words a minute than when pushing yourself to go faster and faster.

Does this really work? Years after learning PhotoReading, 80% are still using it. That's a retention of 80% versus a retention of only 10% with speed reading.

Why? Because PhotoReading is more than just speed. It is a new way of learning from printed information. You'll be getting the meaning of a book instead of just comprehension of a bunch of words. Consider that regular reading and speed reading are like looking at brick after brick after brick and eventually figuring out you are looking at a building. PhotoReading is like seeing the entire building right away, and then looking at the bricks when you need the details. It's a totally different paradigm.

You'll see PhotoReading working for you from the beginning. And we'll be there to support you all of the way. Not only do you receive a money-back satisfaction guarantee, but you will have access to success coaches and our Internet Discussion Forum to help you attain your goals with PhotoReading.

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What the Experts Say...

"By following the PhotoReading whole mind system, you can enhance your learning and greatly reduce the time you spend regular reading. You can automatically single out the information you value and mentally highlight those passages you want to savor."
Charlotte Ward, writing in Simply Live It UP

"PhotoReading has helped many, including myself, to blast through materials at rates up to 25,000 words a minute."
Bryan Mattimore, writing in Success Magazine

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