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Use your whole mind to read with speed, comprehension and enjoyment.
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"25,000 words a minute is only the beginning."

We've been saying that for years, because what you can do with PhotoReading is limited only by your imagination.

A million-plus

25,000 words a minute represents going through the average book at one flip a second. The speed is determined by how many words are on a page and how fast you can flip the page. Pack more on the page, flip faster, and the rate increases substantially.

In preparing for a television documentary a group of PhotoReaders demonstrated PhotoReading at one million words a minute when a Cray Supercomputer flipped the pages at a super high rate.

Using a regular laptop, you may have seen us PhotoReading at 100,000 words a minute on other television programs.

Can you get full comprehension at those speeds? You might surprise yourself at how well you can do on a multiple-choice and True & False test, but for full conscious comprehension, you will want to activate the material just as you would anything you PhotoRead.

You might wonder what it would be like to read one book on a subject and then PhotoRead a dozen more at high speeds. How will those dozen books amplify what you learn?

PhotoReading unleashes the subliminal power of the mind

As you can sense, PhotoReading is much more than a reading improvement program.

Sure, you will be able to get through your reading at least three times faster than you can now, but…

Countless PhotoReaders have written about acquiring new skills and behaviors by using PhotoReading. You can use this "Direct Learning" aspect of PhotoReading to improve your golf game, writing skills, typing speed, use of a computer, time management, sex, virtually anything that you can imagine.

PhotoReading helps bridge the gap from the limited processing capacity of the conscious mind to the tremendous capacities of the nonconscious. To give you an idea of the difference, the conscious mind can only handle seven pieces of information at a time, whereas the nonconscious can handle 20,000 pieces!

You can imagine seven pieces of information. Just think of your telephone number. You can't even fathom 20,000 pieces of information. Staggering, isn't it? That's why the brain can take in information at one million words a minute.

Discover the miraculous power of your mind

Improve your memory - PhotoReading teaches you to blaze through information at lightning speed and absorb it like a sponge. These whole mind techniques will help you remember everything you see, hear, and touch better than you can now.

Sharpen concentration - PhotoReading helps you access the "accelerated learning state" where you can focus to the absolute exclusion of everything else. Have you ever experienced being so lost in a book that you forget where you are? You learn how to enter that state at will—for reading or anything else that you need to do.

Invent whole new perspectives and approaches to life - Enlisting your creative, holistic right brain by streaming in volume after volume in such incredibly short periods of time will allow you to make awesome mental connections, draw radical inferences, detect new solutions simply not available when you rely primarily on the processing capabilities of your conscious, left brain.

Enhance your intuition and develop your true potential - When PhotoReading, you'll be stimulating the part of the brain responsible for intuition and insight. As such, you'll see your intuitive abilities blossoming. Don't be surprised if you know which book contains the answer you want by just looking at the book on the shelf!

If your brain has the capacity to PhotoRead, what else can it do?

Open up new possibilities in your life

The mind is powerful. Ask a college professor who PhotoRead her personal library. One day while contemplating which books would be good resources for a report she was writing, a half dozen books seemed to have a cloudy glow about them. She picked them off the shelves, and after further examination determined they were indeed the best resources. Her nonconscious mind had communicated directly with her.

Or the writer who PhotoRead several books before writing sessions only to find the quality of his output increased significantly. Instead of sending the fifth or sixth draft of a chapter to his agent, he was able to send the first or second draft.

Or the countless people who use the PhotoReading accelerated learning state to boost their intuition by predicting which elevator door will open or to divide a deck of cards into the black and reds with uncanny accuracy—without peeking at the cards!

Or the traveler who ordered from a Swedish menu after PhotoReading an English/Swedish dictionary. He didn't even realize the menu was in Swedish until a friend pointed it out after he had ordered!

Or the minister who would prepare for writing a sermon by PhotoReading the Bible before bed. He would then dream himself giving the sermon and then awaken to quickly write what he had said.

Or musicians who play music much better if they PhotoRead the sheet music at least once the day before they first play the music.

These are just a few of the many stories of how people have used PhotoReading. When you learn PhotoReading you will discover firsthand that it can all work for you. How will you use it?

Discover the power of dreaming

"I first discovered the power of dreaming when I learned the multiplication tables in a dream way back in elementary school. The next morning, I scored 100% on the math test."

"I first discovered the power of dreaming with PhotoReading when I PhotoRead a Travis McGee murder mystery before bed. That night I dreamed I was chased by a gunman through the Duluth, Minnesota, airport. In the morning I flipped through the book to discover that Travis McGee was chased by a gunman through the Miami airport. The book had been transformed into my dreams. I dreamed the story!"

"My first lucid dreaming experience with PhotoReading was on the first night of a ski trip. I PhotoRead a couple of "skiing improvement" books. That night I had a lucid dream that I was skiing."

If you've not ever had a lucid dream, it is one in which you are aware that you are dreaming and have conscious control of the dream.

"The next day I skied so well that my skiing friends accused me of secretly taking lessons!"

Each night you will have the chance to activate a book in your dreams.

What will you do? Will you choose a thrilling evening and PhotoRead a murder mystery? Will you choose an uplifting evening and PhotoRead an inspirational book? Or, will you choose to develop a skill in your dreams?

The mind is powerful. What you do with it is completely up to you. You can use it to read more quickly or you can use it to supercharge your life with what many would consider miracles of the mind.

Reach your full potential!

Worlds of information and possibilities are locked away in books that can serve you in ways you may never have thought. Unleash the power. Transform your life.

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Satisfied Customers

"My business success depends on understanding the environment I operate in. I must constantly reevaluate to minimize risks and maximize profits. PhotoReading is one of the greatest tools I have to cover more ground and do it faster than the competition. PhotoReading has helped me use my time wisely, opening more time for my family. It gives me balance."
Jim Williamson
Atlanta, Georgia

"I went back to college after 30 years and graduated with highest honors—all due to PhotoReading. It taught me how to learn anything more easily, and it helped build my confidence to a degree I had never experienced before."
Dr. Carol Reiners
Parkersburg, Iowa

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