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History of PhotoReading

The idea of "mentally photographing" the printed page has been written about in books—including military training manuals—throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. It wasn't until the data processing unit of IDS, now part of American Express, challenged Learning Strategies Corporation that it leapt from the pages of books into the offices and homes of people around the world.

IDS was looking for ways for its managers to digest large volumes of information at the same time that Learning Strategies was developing its expertise in accelerated learning and reading improvement. The first "PhotoReading" seminars were held in 1985. By the spring of 1986, Learning Strategies was licensed by the State of Minnesota as a Private School in order to teach this groundbreaking course that is significantly different from speed reading.

As Dr. J. Michael Bennett, one of the few scholars in the world who has a doctorate in reading said in 1996 when still teaching at the University of Minnesota:

"PhotoReading combines all the most efficient reading strategies—proven in university studies over many years—with what is now known about the phenomenal perceptive capabilities of the human brain."

"It is undoubtedly the best accelerative reading improvement program available today. And, it is presented so that the average person can benefit immediately, and for a lifetime."

PhotoReading is changing lives throughout the world

Today, instructors specially trained by Learning Strategies teach PhotoReading throughout the world in both private trainings and in open enrollment seminars. Tens of thousands have graduated from the seminars including those who work in our main office.

We published the PhotoReading book by Paul Scheele in 1993. More than 750,000 copies of the book have been sold.

Over 200,000 people have the PhotoReading self-study course, which was first published in 1995.

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Satisfied Customers

"After PhotoReading a series of books, it is like sitting in front of a panel of experts and being able to shoot questions to them."
Huy Nguy, Process Development Engineer, 3M
St. Paul, Minnesota

"I PhotoRead every book on chess and every document on actual chess games I could find. Strategies outlined in the books began appearing in my own playing. Within a year I earned the title of State Co-Champion. I now teach chess, and I encourage everyone to use PhotoReading to improve their game."
Leonard Johnson
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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