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Licensed & Certified PhotoReading Instructors

The PhotoReading Instructor Training Course (ITC)

If you feel your education, experience, and motivation would make you an effective PhotoReading teacher, then request program details and certification requirements below.

You will need to know how to PhotoRead, so attending a PhotoReading seminar is your first step.

The ITC involves six days of intensive training with the Learning Strategies Master PhotoReading Instructor Trainer and a PhotoReading seminar presented in full by Paul Scheele, developer of PhotoReading.

Next you will prepare to teach an entire PhotoReading seminar that you market in your home area.

A Master Certifying PhotoReading Instructor will work with you in your location one-on-one before, during, and after your first seminar. At that point you will either be certified or given further tasks for certification.

The PhotoReading seminar materials have been translated into 17 different languages, and PhotoReading has been taught in over thirty countries.

 Yes, I want to be a PhotoReading Instructor. Please send me more information!


Instructor Training

MN, Minneapolis
April 11-19, 2011

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Satisfied Customers

"I PhotoRead The Quiz Setters's Quiz Book five times. My son and I got into the habit of going through a couple of quizzes each time he came over. I was getting nearly all of them right. I scored 1,996 out of 2,000! I contacted the author who said people usually get two or three wrong out of 30. He said, 'I don't think I could have got that many questions right. And I wrote the book!'"
Elizabeth Thomas
Shrewsbury, England

"I am paid more money now, because I can keep up with the massive amounts of information in my industry, something my colleagues cannot do. I also have more free time, because I don't have to spend so much time reading. I used to be swamped with reading, but no more!"
Morgan Hartt
Garden Grove, California

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